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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose BoPac

We are the strongest manufacturer of Steel Wire Rope and Double Bunching machine

Welcome to BOPAC Wire Rope Workshop

"Order Handling Procedure"

Order Handling Procedure

Quality Improvement System

Application of our fine Wire Rope

Elevator Traction Belt

Granite Marble Wire Rope

Synchronous Belt & Timing Belt


Fitness Equipment

Granite Marble  Slicing

 Our Core: 6000 RPM Double Twister Machine

"Double Twisting machine"

BP05): For 1*7 Steel Wire

Double Twister Machine

BP06) for 1*19 Steel Wire Rope

 Wire Rope for Elevator Steel Belt and Marble, Granite, Stones cutting

Buy Wire Rope and Fine Cord ,ask us for price and solutions now!

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